PJ· Tucker again and the always on the feet is quite special shoes for the Phoenix Suns forward following last week's Kobe 5 "Aston Martin" color, today again choose a Kobe 5 feet, but color change familiar home color, and this is Kobe's champions a season at home winner king in feet color, this flash has also been nearly hurried six years time. pictures from the source: NBAE, 2015 NBA& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; is the final battle to settle scores brothers? Yes, take a look at Italy Cheap air jordans for sale 's shirts, take a look at France's shirts, Puma Adidas, standard German civil war ah. With the World Cup to know more and more commercialized, every game is for each sports brand "internal forces of competition", not to mention the founder of Puma and Adidas were originally brothers parted ways because of various reasons. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;?? brothers grudges origin of 1924, the German shoemaker ??????? Lage Adolf Dassler and Rudolf Dassler registered the "Dassler Brothers Sporti Retro jordans for sale ng shoe ", world war two brothers shoe factory closed down so that a few years after the 1945 re-started, both of them have serious differences on the business, culminating in the January 1949 split, with half of the property and Rudolf support him Most salespeople build a new plant, and later developed into the "Puma", Adolf is most operatives stayed, and registered the trademark "Adidas" in 1948. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; a lot of reasons to say the brothers against each other, the mo cheap jordans for sale st popular is "1943 accident" theory, was Adolf couple hid Rudolphs hiding in the dugout, one day, Adolf hear aircraft flying, Shunzui shouted: "Damn, those bastard again." happened to hear through the side of Rudolph, mistakenly thought it was call him, since mutual ignore. More exaggerated in a very long time before the 1970s, the service staff in the two companies can not sit with a bus, or even banned intermarriage. Puma surprise as the third-largest sporting goods manufacturer in t Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping he world, to look more aligned Puma African team, the intention or 4 years after the World Cup in South Africa. Unfortunately, Africa World Cup team record is not satisfactory, and the Czech Republic, Poland, Switzerland and other European teams also play in general. It touches on Italy, let Puma surprise one. Italian team is still available on the World Cup sponsored by the KAPPA, Puma will replace the one they reached the final, which also broke the long Adidas and Nike in the World C Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping up finals, "hegemony" of the situation. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; as FIFA and the World Cup of traditional official sponsor Adidas sponsored the German team, France, Spain and Argentina 4 seed team and Japanese team and special Trinidad and Tobago team. Adidas's strategy clearly is "quality strategy." Overall results, the Adidas-sponsored four seeds all reached the Top 8 teams, the German team scored four strong, France is the finals, it can be considered a thriving. Under dragon battle Retro jordans for sale field as a German sports brand two "giants" of Adidas and Puma, absolutely can not relax in the local contest, and therefore is particularly competitive and exciting. On the campaign, Adidas and Puma are injected into the World Cup invariably branding elements, the present situation is that most of the sports brand Adidas and Puma ad in German television and outdoor. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Both companies have claimed, through the World Cup, to sell their products with substa cheap jordans online ntial growth. Adidas recently announced that they have sold 4 million shirts, hosts Germany in the light, it sold 1.5 million, Star football team sold more than 1500 ten thousand, so Adidas soccer-related business from last year rose to 900 million This year's 1.2 billion. Puma to be outdone, they also said he sold nearly three million shirts, after Italy entered the quarter-finals, jersey sales are soaring, it is expected this year related business will reach 1 billion. & nbsp; & nbs cheap jordan shoes for men p; & nbsp; precisely because it had so much history, heritage and "wealthy" scores, Adidas and Puma sponsored team in the final performance, so the two companies extremely nervous, after all once With the huge commercial interests, this competition may be fierce and cruel even than the football game itself. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; but in any case, it would be the German's final! & nbsp;& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] Rome in March and Nike signed cheap jordans for sale mens a contract for 10 years, starting from next season will be put on the shirt designed by Nike. Local time on December 11, Nike held at the Olympic Stadium in a new jersey exhibition. However, this exhibition is only open part of the head of the Roman stores. Roma captain Francesco Totti, CEO Chan Qi, general manager Baldi and Sony and other clubs to attend. Rome jersey latest spy photos As the history of the Club of Rome's greatest player, Totti is the protagonist of this exhibition cheap foamposites shirt. "I will be wearing this shirt campaign for many years." Totti at the Stadio Olimpico promised "As a boy, I admire Real Madrid, but became a Roman captain is my lifelong pursuit of the dream. Because this layer of reasons, formerly headed Rome played in the Bernabeu is always a wonderful thing. In 2001, we won at the Olympic Stadium of the Serie A championship, which is my other dream. Rome unlike any other club. For me, all the Romans Roma fans, not fans, not friends, are my brothers. " From 1997 to 2004, Francesco Totti and Nike had signed. Now, Nike gave Totti has prepared a two-year sponsorship contract. The event, as well as the fans ask about the Brazil World Cup and spoon Totti penalty and other topics. "Brazil has a very strong team, they are favorites to win. However, I hope the Italian team last won the championship." Francesco Totti did not mention whether he was elected to the national team. As for the 2000 European Cup ripped through the fingers off Edwin spoon penalty, Totti said, "it is my honor its promise to Maldini in training now, though many people have forgotten, but I have not forgotten ... ... " The main purpose of this Nike commercial activity is to show the Roman new jersey next season, because there is no media admission, the new shirt was not made public. However, "Roman News Network" exclusive new jersey exposed Rome. This media exposure, Nike showed two shirts. Among them, the first paragraph shirts and shirt this season is similar to body tone is dark red, keep the V-neck, cuffs lined with yellow edges. Paragraph shirt design was inspired by Roman shirt 1962/63 season, the main colors for the white, red and yellow chest, left to right, there are pieces of ribbon. Rome and Nike's contract officially began in 2014, two shirt next season started. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoes famous network & nbsp; global fashion brand network & nbsp;)